It’s Almost Time for Tea!!

It’s ALMOST here! I can’t wait! I have been a fan of the Alice in Wonderland story since I was a little girl. And now my favorite Director of all time, favorite actor (Johnny Depp) and favorite story have all come together! I pre-bought my tickets for IMAX 3D for Saturday evening. Unfortunately not making the opening night for this one with too much going on tonight, but I can’t wait either way. My creative partner in crime (Liz) and fellow Alice in Wonderland fan and I are going to see it together. I’ve decided to bring along my Blythe doll, given to me by one of my favorite people, Lisa who turned a Saffy Blythe doll into a Alice in Wonderland Blythe doll for me, so of course I call her Alice. I figured, it wouldn’t be right not to. 🙂

I cannot wait to see this film. And I truly love the fact that Tim Burton took the idea of Lewis Carroll’s stories “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and created his own story. I think it was a good choice on his part. I know that when he did Willy Wonka there was a bunch of people who just hated it, because they were upset with how he changed the characters from what everyone loved about the Gene Wilder version. I tend to be one of those people who see each film as it’s own piece of art. I don’t expect them to be the same, in fact, I WANT them to be original and different, because it becomes it’s own piece. So I’m sure there will be a lot who dislike Tim Burton’s “crazy” Burton-land version of Wonderland, but I personally am excited to see him turn it into his amazing creations. I’ll post again once I see it and give my review, plus add some pics.

Comment below on what YOU think of what you’ve seen so far about the trailers for this movie, and what your review is when you see it! I’m curious to know everyone’s opinions. 🙂

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