Main St. Electrical Parade is BACK!

Why does Disney always do this to me? I mean, I worked for them for a few years and was apart of their Disney College Program, but I hate when they take things away that are classic just to bring them back later. They do that with their movies too. The whole “OH MY GOSH! We HAVE to go to Disney World so we can see the Main Street Electrical Parade before it’s gone forever!!!” or “OH MY GOSH! Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is OUT OF THE VAULT! I must buy the re-digitized and re-mastered copy with bonus features, and directors commentary before they put it back into the vault…FOREVER!” But then a year or two later….Disney goes “We are amazing! We brought BACK the amazing __(insert item here)___ JUST for you, and for this special occasion!” So that Disney obsessed consumers (myself included) will feel like they HAVE to see or buy the attraction or item.  Anyways…now that I’ve gone off on a tangent…Disney has brought back the Main Street Electrical Parade to Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando. They have a new Tinker Bell float leading the parade, and all the lights have been replaced with brand new LED lights. I’m curious how much of it has changed and what new Disney characters they will feature in the parade. I’ll be curious to see a video of it when it’s been hit on YouTube. The parade comes back to the park (my old home away from)…this June 2010. Above is the sneak peak of the new Tinker Bell float that will be leading the parade.

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