I would LOVE to be able to make something…

This transition of waiting to start moving and being ready and packed is the worst. I have all of my art supplies and craft supplies, papers and everything all packed up, and I have cards and invitation samples I need to make. It does nothing but make me anxious. Today I am at work, and trying to utilize the supplies we have on hand to get my invitation samples at least ready for my upcoming class. I’ll post pictures of them once they are ready.

I have the hardest time though, while being at work not to utilize my discount to buy all of the amazing paper. It feels like I have nothing even though I know I do, and it’s all just in boxes currently. I can start moving in tomorrow, so hopefully I can, if nothing else, get my office set up so I can at least begin finishing and beginning my projects.

Meanwhile, check out this silly video on YouTube, my friend Liz, who makes cakes was requested to do a cake with this little guy and his friends as the theme. Strange humor, but it made me laugh.



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