A classic, from one of my old blogs (The Owl House)…

Ohhh! How I love ‘EngRish”! 🙂
So, I received this random e-mail this morning from a “printing” company from China. It was just type in an e-mail that said this:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Maria from Prima Printing Waiter.
Our company is able to arrange printing of Packaging boxes, Booklet, Brochure, Magazine, Newsletter/Catalogue, Deluxe Bound Book, 3_Folded Brochure, Paper handbag, Large poster, Flyers/Leaflet, Folder, Postcard, Letterhead, Envelope, Plastic (PVC) Card, Business card etc. All printed maters are top-grade with minimum cost.
Trusting us that we could help you solve out all troubles of printing.Then you have a happy and easy business to your clients.Through us ,you will receive the printing products as what you expecting. Let us do what you need.
Our aim is to build mutual business- relations and provide added value to you.and eventually assist you to achieve your goals.
Please feel free to contact us with any further questions,we are willing to help you anytime.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Then I was curious, and I wanted to look up “Prima Printing Waiter” and see what they were about, or if this was some type of scam. After all…it’s not common for people to just e-mail you plain text unless its a friend these days, where’s the “design”. 🙂 I didn’t realize however that when I was to visit PrintingWaiter.com I’d have a good laugh, let alone a new blog to post. Take a look at some of the fun EngRish I found. It’s a “time good”.

Prima Printing Waiter is a premiere printing solution provider in China. We have the most sophisticated technology and expert professionals to take care of your entire printing requirements in China. Whenever you need simple offset printing or your business demands digital printing solutions, we are fully capable to carry out . As a professional printing company, we have the experience and infrastructure to print on all types of materials, including catalogue, booklets,handbags, brochures, posters, magazine,CD boxes etc.
‘Quality’,’Cost’,’On-time delivery’,are our main focus .we never compromise with quality issuses,we constantly improve our processes to offer competitive pricing on the market,and on time delivery is always a must. Our promise to you are supported by experienced management team,engineer and skillful workers.you will find it easy to work with us . Looking to the future, we will make more efforts to do well. There is no end, but to be better! ‘
If you have any questions ,please feel free to contact us.you are welcome at any time.

Haha funny banners right? They flash on the top of the page…if you go to the about section you learn what they offer…read this (No additional editing was done to the text…just copy and pasted):

Oh good times! 🙂 I love EngRish. Makes me smile.

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