Special Delivery Air Mail Gender Reveal Shower

An adorably themed shower for my friend Liz, I did the invitations and many of the paper decor (naturally). Rentals were provided by Something Borrowed PDX, cake by Liz at Artisan Cake Company, makeup and hair by Nicole Wagner at Powder, Inc. , and much of the photography by Jessica Hill Photography.

Some other wonderful Etsy vendors:

Baby Onesie Napkins with Air-Ballon Stamp: Wrapsidazy
Vintage Hot Air Balloon Muslin Cotton Favor Bag Stamped: CherryDreamsCreation
Stack of 60 Large Air Mail Envelopes: SwoonPartyShop
15 Plus Vintage German Air Mail Envelopes & Letters: KCVintageShop
10 Air Mail Vintage Envelopes/Letters: TheBrownPear
Air Mail Striped Paper Straws: PocketCarnival


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Invitation Design by Nimbi Design


The Wedding Day – The Walking Dead Save-the-Date

A good friend of mine, Chris, from the Walt Disney Internship days found the love of his life, and the PERFECT match for him, Tammy. They asked me to work on their save-the-dates for the upcoming wedding day. I of course jumped on the idea! When Chris sent me these 2 text messages of photos, it was them fighting off zombies…I replied with “SHUT UP! Are these your engagement photos!!!!!???” He replied with a smiley face, and I immediately got excited! They wanted a Walking Dead themed save-the-date! And I was so excited to do these.

Chris has some awesome photo editing skills, so he sent them to me edited, and I simply added the text to make sure they were “Walking Dead” stylized, to match the hit tv show’s promotional posters.

Here is the before photos and the final Save-the-Date!

image (2)

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 6.59.32 PM

image (1)

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 6.59.46 PM

Amazing Circus Themed Wedding

A client of mine last year had a gorgeous circus/carnival inspired wedding, and took the made-to-order Circus Invitations I have in my shop, and I adjusted the color palette to fit her theme. They came out awesome, and her wedding looked picture perfect!


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Marry Me! 2014 Bridal Show

This is one of the most gorgeous Bridal Shows I’ve ever gone to. Luxe Event Productions knows how to make a truly amazing show! They get a ton of amazing local vendors who are not just good, but great at their work, and they put them together in what feels like a very exclusive and wonderful group and they get to show brides from the area what they can offer. This was a great opportunity and my first show ever. It was so fun, and I got so many compliments from brides and other vendors. I can’t wait to do another one.

Here is a few pictures from the show, of my table, some laser cut work I did, as well as a few other vendor tables I helped on. Enjoy!

1558541_632962866740511_1718176594_n262716_632962150073916_1064893325_n 998156_632962316740566_588161623_n 1535744_632962153407249_1449067304_n 1545778_632962216740576_431426983_n 1551669_632962336740564_1932940421_n  1609644_632962290073902_1965589005_n 1619313_632962380073893_1045987879_n 1622685_632962223407242_534355133_n 1743637_632962256740572_958706464_n 1743741_632962293407235_453130477_n 1780857_632962356740562_1047726049_n

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Marry Me! Wedding Event THIS SATURDAY!

If you are in the Portland-Metro area I highly recommend you come to this awesome event at the Embassy Suite near the Portland International Airport.

Embassy Suites, Airport Way
7900 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR

You will see Fashion Shows, an epic Gown Sale and an amazing Cake Showcase where you will see my friend Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company as well as Nimbi’s coordinating Wedding invitation Suites and laser cut cake toppers.

I will have my very first booth there, and I look forward to meeting everyone and showing everyone what I’ve got going for 2014!

Check out details at MarryMeEvent.com!



Hosted by Luxe Event Productions http://luxenw.com/