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FREE Wedding Budget Worksheet Downloadable PDF

Hey guys! We’ve been working hard on a new Wedding Starter kit, that is going to be available for download as well as a printable version! In the meantime, I wanted to give you all a taste of what will be coming in the book with this free downloadable PDF budgeting worksheet.

This will help you get started in figuring out your budget, knowing what to budget for, and how much to budget. Please feel free to leave feedback on what you might want to add to a budgeting worksheet like this, or comments on how much you love it! (hehe!)

Hope you enjoy it!

Click Here to Download your FREE Copy of the Wedding Budget Worksheet

xoxo, Devan

The Wedding Kit Budget The Wedding Kit Budget The Wedding Kit Budget


Disney Predicted the Future Dress Battle

I made this, cuz I couldn’t help but picture Merryweather and Flora having a similar dress debate back in 1959…

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.34.45 AM

bridesmaids trailer photo

Post No. 4 : The Mother and the Bride – “Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses – Top 5 Tips”

Hollywood has made several movies where the dresses are a big part of the wedding story. Even the process of choosing can be quite interesting…(remembering Bridesmaids movie starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph). There is even the one friend who is always a bridesmaid, but never the bride (like in 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl). What I think I’ve seen from these films is the crazy brides who just think that their 7 different bridesmaids from different ethnicities and shapes and sizes will ALL fit miraculously into the SAME dress. When have you EVER gone shopping with a friend, and you both got the EXACT same pair of jeans? Same size, length and wash? I doubt it, but if you happened, to…keep that friend, because it’s like a 2nd closet!

bridesmaids trailer photo


Maybe I’m just not getting it, or it’s maybe a cultural thing, but I never understand why brides choose the bridesmaid dresses they do sometimes. Here is sort of my take on how the process really should be, and what rules people set back, who know’s when, on what should or shouldn’t be done. Hopefully this will help guide you into picking the best dresses for your girls and avoid your bridal party looking like walking piñatas or bottles of Pepto Bismol.


Q. How do I get perfect bridesmaid dresses that all of my girls will like and be happy with?

A. You won’t. You are probably never going to find a dress that every one of your girls will be in love with, or love the color on them or cut. It just isn’t something that is likely. Here is why, your girlfriends are individual people. They have physical qualities about themselves that make them who they are. You want them to feel comfortable in what they have to wear all day long, in front of tons of possible strangers and stand in forever photos dressed in. If you’re bridesmaid are uncomfortable, you’ll see it in their pictures. You want to make your girls shine. It will only make you look better.


Q. What if my bridesmaids look hotter than I do, and steal the spotlight?

A. I mean…really? YOU my dear, are the bride. Unless all your girls’ names are on the invitations and you are all wearing a white wedding gown…I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that. If you look at the picture above as an example…who do you think is standing out? The Bride in a white dress or the NEON PINK  dresses in front of her that are blinding you? I’m sure the bride wanted to stand out there, but she failed in it. Instead it’s like a walking circus act.


Q. Okay…so they should have different dresses? What about length or colors?

A. Honestly…this is where YOU get to have more fun. I have 7 bridesmaid in my wedding. All different shapes, skin tones, heights and body types. I had one major thing in mind for my girls. I wanted them to feel like they were walking onto the Red Carpet! Straight out of Hollywood. So, they are getting dresses that have a similar amount of beading and design work, but all completely unique and different cuts, lengths and even different neutral colors! That may be the extreme to some, and I get that. So what I would do is pick a color pallet for your wedding, and then you can pick shades and tones of those colors. IF you only have 2 colors, and one is pink, then use shades of pinks that match. Length is all up to you. I have girls who love to flaunt their legs and others who’d rather hide under a rock then show their legs. So I offered both options because the length really didn’t matter to me. But thats up to you. Shorter tends to be more popular, and I have seen all long dresses before, but you’ll just need to see them on your girls to decide what you think will work best for your wedding and their bodies.


Q. But I’m buying the dresses, shouldn’t I decide?

A. Honestly, yes. If you are buying the dresses and they don’t have to pay a cent, they really can’t complain. However, if you are asking your girls to spend $50-$500 on a dress, and they will NEVER wear it again. I feel like you should probably consider that and find things that they’ll want to invest in and love for a long time, and not use in the future for a Halloween costume.

So, really that’s it.  Think about these main things:
1. Color – use neutral tones, or shades of one color or a few colors that are in the same tone. Patterns and Details from lace and sequins can add a bit of unique flair to make each dress similar but different while even being the same color.
2. Lengths – Choose what looks best on your girls and ask them what they feel comfortable with.
3. Boy Types – Find dresses that flatter your girls. If a girl is uncomfortable with a certain part of her body, then find ways to help her hide those areas and flaunt the ones she’s comfortable with. This will ultimately make you both happy because she’ll look great in your photos and she’ll be happy that she has such a great dress!
4. Cost – Consider costs for you bridesmaids, can they afford what you are looking for? Are they paying? Are you paying? Splitting costs? Just pay attention this and you may find your bridesmaids happier that you considered them and their finances as well.
5. Cuts – Dresses can still look cohesive and “matching” without being identical. Cuts of dresses, necklines, designs etc. can be combined with using the same color palettes or even lengths. There are other ways to make them look as part of a group without being identical.

And if all else fails, and you want what you want, or you are the bridesmaid and your bride-to-be friend chooses something you absolutely loathe. Then take a chapter from the Confessions of a Shopaholic manual, and FLAUNT IT. Pretend you’re on a runway and just live in the moment, knowing you’ll never have to wear it again. Ultimately they are just dresses, and it’s not worth fighting over or losing friendships over.

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Hugs and Kisses Valentine Card Video Tutorial

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.43.37 AM

Hey everyone!

This is my VERY first VIDEO tutorial! I hope you like it. I created a cute valentine Hershey Kiss valentine card that is SUPER easy to make, and all you really need is paper and scissors.

Here is the FREE Downloadable PDF Template: CLICK HERE


XOXO Devan

Post No. 3 : The Mother and the Bride – “Where do you start?”

2013-06-02 12.16.12

I’m engaged! It’s crazy to me still. My fiancé proposed to me in what can only be described as something out of a movie. He’s still proud of himself. Above is me, my gorgeous ring with O’ Brien’s Tower off in the distance. The castle like tower where he asked me to be his wife, at the start of sunset, overlooking the magnificent Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.28.18 PM

We wanted to wait to start planing our wedding, because we were blessed with our daughter and I wanted to not be pregnant when I got married. You dream about your wedding day, and I didn’t want to rush through it. So we waited. I’m still happy about that choice.

I started actually thinking about the wedding and starting the process of planing just over a year before our chosen date (which is this September, labor day weekend). Even though, I am in the wedding industry and I create invitations for such events, and have friends in the industry…I still wasn’t completely sure where to start. I can only suggest now that I am 8 months away from our wedding date things I wish I would have known up front to think about and how to organize it all.

Here is my sort of starting checklist of what you should try to do as soon as you know your date. If you don’t know your date, then that should most definitely be the first thing you figure out! So get a calendar and start picking!

Picking your Date – 

Sit down with your fiancé and go over a few things to figure out what is going to be the best date for you.

1. Are you going to have an indoor or outdoor wedding? This will help you determine the weather of that time of year and what month(s) you should consider.

2. Are you planing on having out of town guests from other states? If yes, you’ll want to be considerate of the money and time it might take them to travel, if you really expect and want them to be able to attend. Also consider if they have children or a partner to make it. (This might not seem like an initial priority, but it helps when it comes to writing your guest list down the road as well.)

3. Day of the week. FACT: Wedding not on a Saturday are typically less expensive for your venue. Most couples get married on Saturday’s, and with only 52 Saturdays in 2015, over 2 million weddings per year in the United States alone, you can see how that date can be in  high demand. So my tip is…if you can pick a weekday, holiday weekend where you’re able to choose a Sunday or Monday you’ll save on costs there. Summer weddings are also most popular, so a non-Saturday wedding in the Fall or Winter, you’ll save on the venue expenses for sure!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.56.23 PM

After you’ve determined the date….you’ll want to make sure you have the answers to these questions before moving forward…because every venue and vendor is going to want to know these answers, especially to give you an accurate quote.

To be best prepared, you should know the answers to these questions:

1. What is your date?
2. How many guests? (this can be a range or rounded up number, it doesn’t have to be a final number but better to round up because you’ll know your highest cost and there will be less chance of a ticket shock at the end.)
3. What is your budget? This was definitely a hard question to figure out. Especially when you are either dealing with someone else’s money like parent’s or a mix of contributors. So now is the time to ask your family members, bring up the question and know. Then look at your finance’s and determine what is a COMFORTABLE amount for you and your fiancé to be spending on your wedding.
4. Are you having an Indoor/Outdoor wedding? If you picked your date with my suggestions above, then this answer should already be made.
5. What is the theme or style of your wedding? Don’t think of “theme” as like a costume party or something, but think of the look, the feel. As a graphic designer, the best way I can think of this, is to consider that you are “branding” you and your fiancé with your wedding. It should be a representation of you both, and feel like an extension of who you guys are and what you love.


There are more questions for sure that will be coming up. But if you know the answers to at least these 5, you can feel better prepared when you have vendor consultations and you’ll get the most out of your meetings.

If you need help figuring out the budget I’ll be posting a blog about that one next, because that subject is worth it’s own blog. But if you need suggestions there are a few great resources online specifically meant to help you keep track and figure out your budget.

Here are a couple helpful Budgeting Resources:

Track Spending : weddingwire.com
This is an awesome tool, and provides you with estimated costs. The hardest part is knowing a reference point.

Wedding Budget Checklist : wedding.theknot.com
The Wedding Budgeter is completely interactive and customizable to help effortlessly guide you through your wedding payments and purchases.

$119 Wedding Planner Pro App from iTunes : iTunes.apple.com/app
I’m not sure that you or anyone needs to spend $119. But the app seem’s pretty detailed to help you keep organized. Not sure if it’s worth the cost, and it has no reviews.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have questions just ask me below or e-mail me at hello@nimbidesign.com!


Post No. 2 : The Mother and the Bride – “The Dress”

239 Days Until the Wedding

Today I found “THE dress”. I can’t believe I have my wedding dress. The process was surprisingly not as frustrating as I had imagined. I think what helped is that I went in being open minded and not really knowing what would look best on me. Sure, there were dresses I’d seen in Portland Bride & Groom or Oregon Bride Magazine, but Im not a model, Im not even close to being tall at 5 feet 3 inches. My eyes were drawn to dresses that were fitted, lacey and classic looking. Timeless you could say. So I started where many girls start. Pinterest. I started typing in classy, classic, timeless, lacey, elegant, vintage, gatsby, old hollywood, etc. I started pinning beautiful gowns, like these:

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Gorgeous Right? But how do I know what I AM going to look like in any of these styles? So, I decided to set a date aside, and get the people that matter most to me and put them in a room and just have fun and try all different styles on.

I KNOW! I KNOW! “But Devan! You shouldn’t have more than a couple people because of all the opinions!” Well…since I didn’t have my heart set on anything yet, I just figured I take in all those opinions knowing it was my first time even putting on a dress, and I just wanted to see what my options were and my friends and family were there to see me put on a wedding dress for the first time. What happened? Well…surprisingly my Mom and Grandmother loved EVERYTHING I picked out (RIGHT? After watching many episodes of “Say Yes! To The Dress” I was worrying about that more than anything.)  My friends…sure. They had their opinions, liked things I didn’t really like, or didn’t really like something I did. But ultimately it didn’t matter. I knew that if I found the dress that made ME say “Yes!!” Then everyone would just know and agree. (And if they didn’t then there’s $80/person for dinner I’m saving at the Reception! Hehehe. Just kidding.)

Well what came out of it was that I found not only a designer, but a cut of dress that fit my figure, height and style. So now I had something to go off of. I went online and did my research. I ended up falling in love with Casablanca & CB Couture. Everything just felt so detailed and elegant. After a couple days of searching on their website. I found one. COULD IT BE IT?!? What is the price? I have NO IDEA! OHHHHHHH Why oh why couldn’t they have THIS dress somewhere?!? I called the bridal shop I’d gone too, Anna’s Bridal in Lake Oswego. An amazing and classy bridal gown shop with AMAZING consultants! Not to mention the AMAZING Anna herself! Such a beautiful and sweet woman.


Anna’s Bridal: “Nope, sorry, we don’t have that one in our store yet.”
Me: “Nooo. Do you know where I’d be able to try this dress on or how to?”
Anna’s Bridal: “Sure you can borrow the dress. We’ll order it from the Designer, and have it on loan in our shop for a week for you to come in and try it on and see it in person. It’s a $50 loan fee.”

I about died! I can DO THAT? I thought. I got super excited realizing that I could get this dress brought to me and try it. So, after some waiting…TODAY was the day. I got to try on THE Dress.

This time I just brought my Mom and Dad along. Normally I’d probably not have my Dad involved in getting my wedding dress, but my Dad knows his stuff with what is classy and elegant, plus I wanted to see in his eyes which one made him choke-up. So I tried on the 2 I had loved before, and showed him. He loved those ones as well. My Mom STILL loved those dresses too. And me? Seeing them again, I forgot how much I had loved them. And how beautiful they were in person. Then came the moment…


There it was. Hanging on the perfect wooden hanger. Right in front of me. The Dress. The one I saw online that one I just realized might just be it. I put it on. Looked up in the mirror. A smile came over my face, and I couldn’t stop! Its “THE Dress” I thought. I opened the curtains for my parents to see it, and I knew they could see it in my face, I was in love. My Dad got that look in his eyes. My mom said “Oh wow!”. And I said “Yes to THE Dress”.


I’m obviously NOT going to post the dress yet. You’ll just have to wait for 239 Days from now when everyone else gets to see it for the first time.

Thank you Anna’s Bridal, Anna and Katie for helping me today! You made the experience painless and fun. It was so exciting.


Photos from Anna’s Bridal on Facebook & Pinterest

A Secret Garden Wedding Inspiration Shoot

This was a collaborative effort between some amazing Portland vendors including myself for all paper goods. I love how the hexagon shape added to the suite!

Venue | Private Estate
Design + CoordinationPETALOS DESIGN
Adornments + AccessoriesAUSTIE ECKLEY
Paper ProductsNIMBI DESIGN

20140731-3566_11 20140731-3566_13 20140731-3566_15 20140731-3566_16 20140731-3566_17 20140731-3566_19 20140731-3566_20 20140731-3567_03 20140731-3567_08 20140731-3567_16 20140731-3567_21 20140731-3567_24 20140731-3567_29 20140731-3567_31 20140731-3567_32 20140731-3567_33 20140731-3568_02 20140731-3568_03 20140731-3569_01 20140731-3569_12